I’m back!

My last post was September of 2010. I am now ready to blog again, and excited about it actually.  Nine days ago, I started the process of transforming my body from the inside out.  I am utilizing Qivana’s Metaboliq System to improve my metabolism and shed excess weight.  This is the 9th day!  I have lost 12 pounds so far!  I am so excited about what is happening to my body.  I am more excited about my health improving than anything.  This blog is another vehicle of accountability.  Me holding myself accountable by being transparent and sharing my successes and failures. 


Next Educational Goal…

I am really looking forward to achieving my next educational goal of obtaining a Doctorate Degree in Community Pastoral Counseling.  I begin at Argosy University on September 7th.

My vision is to help people in my community in any way God leads me to.  I am passionate about this opportunity and next chapter in my life.  I am really looking forward to working with others who are like-minded.  We must be the change we wish to see in our communities.  There are broken spirits all around me.  I can choose to watch and not be involved or I can increase my knowledge and get involved.  I choose the latter!

Friends Then and Now

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch with a few of my really good friends.  Some of which I have not seen in over 10 years.  We shared a lot of good memories and laughed so much!  Although we did not share too much on an individual level, I knew that we each had a story about our journey from then until now.  What I admired so much was the apparent resilience in all of us.

The other thing I noticed, was the genuineness of our relationship.  We each cared enough to see the others.  We each cared about our extended family members and other mutual friends.  It was good for my spirit to be in the presence of these awesome women whom I bonded with years ago.

While we have the opportunity, it is good to connect with those we love…

Tribute to a Friend

Yesterday, I found out that someone I considered to be a friend, passed away that morning. Her name was Monica Soto when I last saw her. She married since then and I do not know her married name.

The news has really been difficult to handle.  I keep seeing her face in my mind and remembering the small talk, the laughter, her kindness, and her overall beautiful spirit.

I met Monica while working at American Express.  She was my first cube mate (1999).  I was a contractor and she encouraged me to apply as a full-time employee.  A wise decision at that time.  We briefly sat next to each other, but for eight years we passed one another and occasionally shared lunch together.  Monica was one of those people that you could not find a flaw in – at least I never did.

We lost contact after I left AMEX, but I often thought of her.  A couple of weeks ago someone we both knew informed me that she was ill – yesterday that same person delivered the news of her death.  I am so saddened by the loss for her family and friends…I know she is missed already by so many people.

It is so important to stay in contact with as many people as possible, whenever possible.  The goal is to let them know they matter and you care about them.  I guess that is why I am such a fan of social networking…it keeps us connected on this planet.

Qivana – Day 30

After 30 days of Qore Probiotics and Qore Essentials, I can truly say all issues with my digestive system, blood pressure, dry skin/acne, and low energy levels are gone! Also, I have developed a wonderful habit of drinking water consistently throughout my day. At this point, I could not imagine going without my Qivana supplements.

I am literally transforming my body from the inside out.

Happy Father’s Day

I have caught The Spark!

Wow, I have stumbled upon an amazingly intuitive website for people who are about positive life transformation. I am so impressed that I just bought the book: The Spark (the 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life). My plan is to read the book while actively involved in the website’s activities and forums. It is wonderful and FREE!

Along my journey of personal health transformation, I will be sharing my successes as well as challenges on this blog. My reasoning for doing this is to be totally transparent and accountable. This motivates me. Also, my biggest reason is to hopefully encourage others along the way.  Anyone I can encourage would be a blessing!

Opinion Poll – Routine

How important is setting a daily routine in achieving your goals?

Please comment either on FB or in my blog.


Sharing Inspiration…

Spark People!

In my quest to find information and tools that support the transformation of one’s life, I discovered SparkPeople!
This site has a lot of information and may seem overwhelming, but it is the most all encompassing health and nutrition site I have ever seen.
Check it out if you are truly interested in transforming your body from the inside out!

SparkPeople.com: Get a Free Online Diet